So, everyone is up in arms about Michael Moore calling snipers cowards and Seth Rogen comparing American Sniper to a fictional Nazi propaganda film (in one of the most over-the-top Nazi-killing fantasies I’ve ever seen).  I was a Marine Scout/Sniper, so by extension, Michael Moore called me a coward as well.

Do I care?

Not really.

You see, Moore is nobody.  He’s never put his fat ass on the line in any way, shape or form.  He’s a comfortable, rich assclown who’s never accomplished anything worthwhile in his life.  He’s a mouth, nothing more.  Being called a coward by someone who knows absolutely nothing about war or conflict, and has certainly never had the stones to go into a war zone to see for himself, even if he doesn’t participate, is meaningless.  It’s the equivalent of getting bent out of shape over the little chihuahua yapping at you from the other side of a fence.

As for the misapprehension of snipers being “cowards” because they’ll “shoot you in the back,”  Mr. Moore might be well served (should he actually care about anything but being a gadfly, which of course he doesn’t) to read Up Front by Bill Mauldin.

“Some say the American soldier is the same clean-cut young man who left his home; others say morale is sky-high at the front because everybody’s face is shining for the great Cause.

They are wrong.  The combat man isn’t the same clean-cut lad because you don’t fight a kraut by Marquis of Queensberry rules.  You shoot him in the back, you blow him apart with mines, you kill or maim him the quickest and most effective way you can with the least danger to yourself.  He does the same to you.  He tricks you and cheats you, and if you don’t beat him at his own game you don’t live to appreciate your own nobleness.”

As for Rogen, his comments immediately fall under Godwin’s Law.  Enough said.

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