Hey everybody, today’s SOFREP Scavenger Hunt is being held over on TheArmsGuide.com from 9am -11:45pm PACIFIC time.

PRIZES up for grabs in the Team Room Division include:

  • one SOFREP OD Green Definition T-shirt (just about the BEST t-shirt on the planet!)
  • one Hot Shots 2013 Calendar (beautiful women, flimsy lingerie and great guns in a WWII motif…omg!)
  • one SOFREP.com grenade cap, black trucker style (not available for sale, a real SOFREP collector’s item)
  • two members win Brandon Webb Land Air Sea patches

We’re requiring all entrants subscribe to The Arms Guide newsletter so please do that first if you haven’t already.

It’s going to be a pretty good contest, quality prizes, so get on over there and represent!

(Maybe one of these weeks I’ll have a question about ‘How many exclamation points did Charlie use in his last post’….least this time I only got 3…)

– Charlie