An FBI agent shot and killed a bound kidnapping victim being held for ransom in Texas on Friday, during a raid meant to save him from his captors.
The victim, identified in court documents as Ulises Valladares, had his hands bound and was being held at gunpoint when the FBI executed an early morning raid on Friday. Christina Garza, a spokesperson for the Bureau, did not confirm the identity of the victim when announcing that he had been fatally struck by a round fired by one of the agents taking part in the raid.

“The system failed,” Conroe Police Chief Philip Dupuis said during a news conference, according to the AP. “Whether it was accidental or not, the man is not going home to his family.”

Three suspects were taken into custody during the raid: Nicholas Chase Cunningham, 42; Jimmy Tony Sanchez, 38; and Sophia Perez Heath, 35. They were each charged with aggravated kidnapping, though Cunningham and Sanchez were also charged with aggravated robbery stemming from the incident.

The kidnapping began on Wednesday, when the suspects reportedly knocked on Valladares’ door as his 12-year-old son was getting ready to leave for school. According to statements the child provided law enforcement, two men then tackled Valladares, and once they had him subdued, they bound both the man and child with duct tape before ransacking the house, claiming that Valladares’ brother owed them $8,000. Eventually, they stole some electronics equipment and left with Valladares, telling his son that they would drop his father off once they were clear of the home, but that if he called the police, they would kill him.