Last night at approximately 10:30 pm local time, there was an explosion at an Air Force recruiting office in Bixby, Oklahoma. The front doors are visibly damaged and no injuries have been reported. An initial report suggests that the device responsible for the blast may have been a pipe bomb. The FBI and ATF are currently investigating the incident but they have not determined if this is an act of domestic terrorism. Local news stated that a nearby restaurant has CCTV and the FBI might be able to see who placed the device. Witnesses vaguely describe the suspect as being a person on a red motorcycle.

Witnesses say someone on a red motorcycle threw a backpack at the recruiting center, which then blew up. They believe it may have been a pipe bomb.

They said they have not determined if it was a pipe bomb that caused the explosion. They are continuing to interview witnesses and to look for surveillance video to give them an idea of what happened. The agent said they also have not determined if it was domestic terrorism at this point.- KJRH

More to follow as the story continues to develop.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@a_cupof_JOE