A recent release from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security, the Treasury Department, and the Department of State details the scope of the North Korean hacking threat for public consumption.

The advisory, released as a comprehensive resource on all things DPRK cyber, highlights the threats posed by malicious cyber activities and offers a few recommendations on how to mitigate this threat. Available online or in PDF, the advisory seeks to educate on and inform the public of the significant threat posed by North Korean hackers to the “broader international community[… and] the integrity and stability of the international financial system.”

While condemning North Korean cyber activities, the advisory identifies how North Korea has increasingly relied on illegal means to generate revenue for its weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles development programs. In light of aggressive sanctions on North Korea, the need for alternative cash streams forced a capabilities evolution that has become the cornerstone of North Korean revenue generation. Never mind the malnourished and brainwashed North Korean common man — weapons programs and adherence to the absolute power of the absolutely infallible dear leader Kim Jong Un are paramount.

A review of the extensive and malicious cyber activities, presented in the advisory, intimates upon the reader the full extent to which North Korea seeks to conduct disruptive and destructive cyber activities. Such activities are capable of affecting U.S. critical infrastructure, financial institutions, and other organizations that fall victim to North Korea’s “harmful and irresponsible cyber activity.”