First could you explain some of your background to us. Years in service, rank, MOS, deployment locations, units deployed with, other pertinent details…

I spent 12-years in the Army Reserves (1982-1994), took a 14-year break, and joined the National Guard in 2008. While in the Reserves, I served basically as a generator repair tech, and when I joined the Guard, I reclassed as an MP with a focus on combat operations (no L&O beyond MP school). My civilian profession was in law wherein I worked as a Paralegal. After approximately 12-years as a Paralegal, I went back to school to complete my BS program and received my degree in Criminal Justice. Following the completion of my BS program, I spent nearly a year on the South West Border Mission through the Joint Narco-Terrorism Task Force. Additionally, I possess a minor in legal studies and a BS in criminal justice.

My military career can be broken down as follows:

1982-1985 – Assigned to the 50th General Hospital out of Yakima, WA as a generator repair tech.

1985-1988 – Assigned to the 461ts Engineer’s out of Cheyenne, WY as a pipe layer.

1988-1994 – Assigned to the 403rd Combat Support Hospital out of Phoenix, AZ, mainly as a driver’s training instructor and generator repair tech.

2008-Present – Assigned to the 856 MP Company out of Phoenix, AZ as an MP 2011-2012 – Served as a CST assigned to 3SFG in Afghanistan

The training I received during my first three-years back in the military proved to be invaluable during my deployment as an SF enabler as did the training I received at Bragg in preparation for my deployment. The training I received at the unit level includes but is not limited to: