Female snipers from various nations have been notoriously present in various conflicts since World War II, some with devastating effect. SOFREP has covered some of the Kurdish female snipers that are taking it to ISIS, and as many may recall, Jack Murphy spent time with some of them not long ago. They are professional, effective, and do not mess around. As he recounts about one female sniper:

I met my first female sniper in an alcove of the apartment building one night. She smiled and shook my hand. I could tell by the way she carried herself that she was a true soldier. I had met many rear-echelon types traveling through Syria who bombarded me with questions and asked to have their photograph taken. But from the way she stood and the way she talked, it was clear that she saw me as just another passerby, and she was a woman with a job to do. She was 18 years old.

Here is footage of Syrian female snipers as they train in preparation for the fight against ISIS.