Street Craft, clandestine communications, low-tech comms — the employment of which in today’s level of technology can almost be described as an act of desperation, a scenario in which all other sensible means of communication have failed and all that remains is a Cold War-era communication system. Actually, the use of such methods is much older than the Cold War. But these methods are still effective today for what they were designed.

What does your smartphone mean to you? Let me rephrase that question: would your heart literally stop beating and all electrical functions in your brain cease if you were forced to part with your smartphone? Recognizing the level to which my smartphone can serve me I have taken to terming it the PALMS: Personal All-Life Management System.

I can turn on my bedroom light with a voice command from Urumchi China. I don’t know why I would do that since I am not even there to enjoy the light, but the point is I CAN do that. I can just as well access my front door security camera from that same obscure city in China, see strange men taking all of the furniture out of my house, and show the feed to the horrified citizens of Urumchi.

That’s right, all the way from Urumchi, China! Shown here is the approximate location from where I am able to turn on my bedroom light in Albuquerque, NM by using a voice command over my iPhone.

Now (say) we have lost our phones so how do we make operational communications while we are tooling around Berlin Germany wearing our Dick Tracy hats? No, we don’t borrow other people’s phones and make comms — that’s completely non-secure. We can go to phone booths and use payphones. Yeah… what is that? Those don’t exist anymore and were not secure anyway — no go! It may be possible that you are not thinking primitive enough for Street Craft.