Five social activists have gone missing in Pakistan in the past two weeks, prompting concerns from international rights groups. Samar Abbas is the latest of these social-rights fighters to go missing in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad. His absence was reported by Talib Raza, another activist that works with Abbas at the Civil Progressive Alliance of Pakistan (CPAP), a group that fights against extremism. Abbas’s brother corroborated the complaint to the press when they questioned him about his brother’s whereabouts.

“The family waited for a few days to inform people. When the stories about other activists disappearing started emerging, it became clear what was going on,” Raza told Reuters.

Although there is not currently any evidence of wrongdoing, a number of civil rights groups have accused the Pakistani government of being involved in the recent rash of disappearances.

“Now, with the disappearance of Salman Haider and at least three other activists, a dark new chapter in the state’s murky, illegal war against civil society appears to have been opened,” an editorial in the English-language newspaper out of Pakistan, The Dawn, posited earlier this week.