Sometimes I wonder what would scare Americans more, the myth of a hyper-competent American military industrial complex secretly plotting and scheming, or the reality of the U.S. military and intelligence agencies stumbling around in the dark like a bunch of naked people wearing roller skates.

Warning: The writing below provides plot details you may not want to read if you haven’t seen the movie yet!

The new film “Sicario,” the word for assassins in Mexican drug cartels, opts for the mythology. When an Arizona state anti-kidnapping team raids a house, they find dozens of bodies boarded up behind the walls but no sign of the hostages. To add insult to injury, an explosive then goes off and kills a handful of policemen. The U.S. government decides to throw down the gauntlet with the drug cartels responsible.

Josh Brolin plays a cliched CIA cardboard cutout who cruises into police offices wearing thong sandals and recruits the female leader of the anti-kidnapping squad. According to the film, the CIA needs a law enforcement officer attached to them in order to operate within American borders. This isn’t actually true, but makes for an interesting plot device. Emily Blunt plays the anti-kidnapping squad officer and doubles as the naive white woman who the audience is supposed to relate to and engage with as she enters the sinister dark world of Mexican drug cartels and diabolical CIA plots.