A fire broke out in an Iranian shipyard on Wednesday. This is just the latest in a series of fires and explosions that are have hit the country, many at sensitive sites, in recent weeks.

The fire on Wednesday occurred in a shipyard at the southwestern port of Bushehr about 430 miles from Tehran. It damaged seven ships, according to local news reports. No casualties were reported. Firefighters battled the flames which produced thick black smoke as videos on Iranian television showed. The official IRNA state-run news posted still photos of the fire.

The shipyard is not far from the Iranian nuclear reactor in Bushehr.

Officials are investigating this latest incident. Many think it might have been a cyberattack, aimed at destroying the site. But even that is subject to debate and whether a potential cyber-attacks would have been perpetrated by Israel or the United States or by local resistance groups. 

On Sunday, Iranian authorities reported that a petrochemical facility in Mahshahr was hit by an explosion and fire that was characterized as minor. Authorities said that firefighters had the fire out in 10 minutes. The fire was blamed on an oil leak.

And on Monday, Iranian authorities responded to yet another explosion at a gas storage tank facility in Mashhad. One tank exploded and six others caught fire in that incident. Investigators are searching for the cause of the fire. 

On July 2, a large fire sparked in a nuclear enrichment facility at Natanz. The facility housed the newest generation of centrifuges for the Iranian government. The Natanz facility consists of a fuel enrichment plant and is considered Iran’s largest gas centrifuge uranium enrichment facility. It first came online in 2007.

The incident had security and nuclear analysts speculating whether it was a serious setback for Iran’s nuclear program and what exactly was damaged in the explosion and resultant fire. Iranian authorities have given conflicting reports on the way the events occurred, with some claiming that it was an accident, but others claiming it was a deliberate act of sabotage.