“The kids watched us tow all of their Christmas presents out as the smoke engulfed the house,” said Longo. “Although no lives were lost, lives were definitely affected.”

One late Christmas Eve, Brandon S. Longo, the French Creek fire station captain with Marine Corps Base (MCB) Camp Lejeune Fire and Emergency Services Division, arrived at a structure fire and quickly realized that children lived in the home. With the house billowing full of smoke, Longo and his team rushed in to put out the fire, and luckily, the family’s Christmas was saved.

As the holiday season approaches, the MCB Camp Lejeune Fire and Emergency Services Division (FESD) is participating in National Fire Prevention week (Oct. 9-15) to spread awareness about the importance of fire safety and having a plan.

“On top of ensuring the fire safety of our local communities, we’re also here to educate and help out whenever and wherever we can,” said Longo. “Fire safety begins with knowing the best way out, as situations dealing with fires can develop quickly.”