Dear SOFREP Community – We are honored to present an exclusive first look at the newest Cameron Curtis novel, Hard Contact, a Breed thriller. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. — GDM


By Cameron Curtis

Thirty tons of gold. One brilliant heist.

Excerpt from Chapter 12

I’m looking out the door as Ellison rights the helo. The missile flies past the countermeasures, its smoke trail white against the darkening sky. For a second, I allow myself to breathe.

“Another one!” Keller yells. “Seven o’clock!”

Ellison pitches the Sea Hawk in the opposite direction. Launches more countermeasures. This time, the machine does not respond quickly enough. A terrible crash knocks the helo to one side, and I’m thrown hard against the straps.

Pressley Bannon,” the copilot calls, “this is Blue King Five. We’ve taken a hit off Ésperos.”