Instructor Deek Gammin got out of the car at 0430 on Monday morning and stood in the SEAL compound as a free woman.

It had been years of wrestling with conflicting feelings and she’d finally had the balls to do it. “Just rip the bandaid off. These guys can handle it. I’ve proven myself as a combat operator. A job is a job, doesn’t matter to me anymore, it feels good,” she thought, looking down at her red nails and leather skirt.

Today was a new day, Deek was now Deeka.

She knew it wouldn’t be easy but nothing in life came easy.

Later that morning…

“The fucking cat is out of the bag sir.”

“Goddammit,” Raven thought to himself. He knew exactly what Master Chief Jackson was talking about.

Deek Gammin, one of their toughest Phase One SEAL instructors had confided to Jackson, after too much Guinness at McP’s Irish pub in Coronado, that he wanted to be a she.