Everyone has their own idea of the perfect vacation. Some people like the mountains, others the beaches; some people prefer a big city, and some would rather be out in the country, far away from everyone. At first glance, a vacation to a historic battlefield might sound a little dull — if not insensitive. However, as someone who has visited several battlefields in the United States, I can say that traveling and exploring a battlefield is a great way to connect with our past, to learn something new, and appreciate the sacrifices our ancestors made so we can enjoy all the things we do today. Below is a list of five battlefields you might consider visiting in 2019.

Battle of Trenton, American Revolution — Trenton, New Jersey

The battle of Trenton is remembered as the battle where General George Washington crossed the Delaware River and slaughtered several sleeping Hessian mercenaries who were working for the British on the day after Christmas. The battle is often referred to as “the turning point” of the American Revolution as the victory gave Washington’s forces the morale boost it needed to defeat the Red Coats. According to the National Park Service, the battlefield is part of the Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor and is open Tuesday-Sunday. This one is probably best visited in the Summertime, but for the Authentic experience you’ll have to visit during the Winter — but that’s okay, the visitor center is open on Christmas!

The Battle of Trenton inspired this famous painting by Emanuel Leutze of Gen. George Washington crossing the Delaware River. National Archives photo

Battle of Cold Harbor, American Civil War — Mechanicsville, Virginia