Esteban Santiago, 26, was arrested today after killing five and wounding eight at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport after retrieving his luggage, which contained of his checked weapon.  Santiago was taken into custody without incident and police continued to clear the airport after his arrest in case there were any accomplices. After clearing the airport, police determined he acted alone. Here is what we know about Esteban Santiago so far.

Received a general discharge from the National Guard in Aug 2016:

Esteban Santiago was discharged from the New Jersey National Guard (NJNG), not the Alaska National Guard. SOFREP spoke with a source within the Alaska National Guard and he was reportedly drilling in Alaska prior to receiving a general discharge in Aug. 2016. He still belonged to the New Jersey National Guard administratively (his HOR or home of record was still in New Jersey) and was supposed to send his training certificate into the NJNG upon the completion of each drill. He received a general discharge after being declared AWOL and missing several drill weekends. This is the “unsatisfactory performance” other news sites are reporting. He was recently demoted as well.

He was a Combat Engineer and Iraq war veteran

Santiago was a 12B (combat engineer) in the Army National Guard and he reportedly moved to Alaska to work in the oil fields. He deployed with the Puerto Rico National Guard in 2010. The Alaska National Guard unit he was assigned to, HHT, 297th CAV in Fairbanks more than likely was trying to reclassify him into a MOS or military occupational specialty within the unit (more than likely it was a scout or infantry MOS).

He has a criminal record

Esteban Santiago Ruiz has a criminal record, to include domestic violence. He was arrested for trying to strangle his girlfriend.