Update: Ahmad Khan Rahami was taken into custody after he exchanged gunfire with police in Linden, New Jersey. You can read more about his arrest HERE.

The FBI has named Ahmad Khan Rahami as a person of interest for the bombing in Manhattan that left 29 people injured, the NJ bomb that detonated near the Marine Corps 5K run, as well as the additional explosive devices found near the two bombings sites. The latest device was found last night in Elizabeth, NJ near his last known address.

Image courtesy of CNN
Explosive device found near the bombing in Manhattan. Image courtesy of CNN

Here are five things you need to know about Ahmad Khan Rahami:

  1. Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, was born in Afghanistan in 1988 and is a naturalized American citizen.
  2. He lives in Elizabeth, NJ, near the latest device found last night. The devices were found hours before the FBI released his name.
  3. He is about 5’ 6” tall and weighs approximately 200 pounds. Rahami has brown hair, brown eyes, and brown facial hair. He is considered to be armed and dangerous. Notify police if you see or come into contact with him.
  4. A search warrant was executed on his last known residence in Elizabeth, NJ. Police have not released details from the search. The FBI and local police have evacuated the surrounding buildings and have also searched his NJ neighborhood with search dogs.
  5. Officials believe that he might be connected to a larger terror organization but have not released details yet.

Image courtesy of the NJ State Police