Strange and unusual stories out of Florida tend to hit the media with such frequency that many people are inclined to think the state’s citizens have gone mad. The truth is, wacky stories about unusual crimes and police interactions probably happen with the same frequency in plenty of other states. But, in accordance with Florida’s Government in the Sunshine Law, the government’s business is the people’s business, so all records are open to the public and as a result, the national media.

According to a release from the Ocala Police Department in Florida’s Marion County, a local couple in their mid-30s were doing a bit of “magnet fishing” looking for salvage items to scrap when they made a startling discovery: a World War II-era grenade.

The couple quickly realized it could be rather dangerous, so they slipped the grenade in a five-gallon bucket full of other scrap, stuck it in the trunk of their car and set out for…a nearby Taco Bell.

There, they notified police about their discovery.