As actress Jane Fonda attends more protests, this SOFREP editorial-cartoon asks a question that runs through the minds of many Vietnam veterans: Will she ever be prosecuted for her visit to Hanoi, N. Vietnam in 1972, while the United States and its ally S. Vietnam were fighting communist forces in Southeast Asia? She was photographed sitting on an anti-aircraft weapon that was part of the communist weapons systems that shot down American aircraft in N. Vietnam, S. Vietnam and in Laos where two secret wars were waged against communist aggression.

Forty-five years after her actions with enemy forces – which many Vietnam veterans view as treason and compare her conduct to Toyko Rose, the WWII propagandist who was tried and convicted of her propaganda, some veterans are wondering if the new administration and a new U.S. Attorney will review the Fonda case. Eight previous administrations have not taken action against the activist actress, but I have talked to several Vietnam veterans who wish it would be reviewed. If she were charged, tried, convicted, they would cheer any sentence she’d receive.

There’s one more aspect to Fonda’s treasonous actions, while she was cavorting with and photographed laughing with the communists who shot down Americans and tortured American POWs she has never spoken on behalf of the 1,617 Americans who are still listed as Missing In Action (MIA). She publicly derided and mocked American POWs who were released from N. Vietnam prisoner torture chambers and prisons, she’s never found it within herself to pressure the communist forces in Southeast Asia to locate, recover and send home the remains of the 1,617 Americans who remains missing in action today – including 50-plus Green Berets who fought in the secret war in Laos. They remain among the 305 Americans listed as Missing In Action in Laos, including American airmen who supported the deadly secret war.

Editorial cartoon courtesy of Robert L. Lang