Who among us can remember the last time the Second Amendment was NOT under attack by the left? Is it a tightly embraced fact that the amendment will always stand and never fail? Is it fully out of the question that our arms privileges will never be restricted to private, licensed shooting range facilities? Is paradise lost?

Would you subscribe to the notion that in this day and age of cruiser-weight uncertainty and despair, gun sales in the Nation have enjoyed a generally northerly spike on a Hertzprung-Russell-type line diagram? There is a current trend toward prominent arms manufacturers, such as renowned Swiss SIG Sauer, having their own academies and shooting ranges where they are able to gather their clientele for weapons safety and operations training.

Government contracts in which elite Tier-One unit training are concerned, are constantly in search of “new floor plans:” New training venues and scenarios to season operators in as many unique training environments as feasible. Nuances from venue-to-venue serve well to mature an operator and provide him with an in-depth array of experiences.

There exists such a place to realize all of these concepts — paradise!

If paradise did exist, it could surely never be for sale? Well, my friends, paradise is in the eye of the beholder. And much of the SOFREP audience of beholders see paradise revolving around firearms and the practical employment of firearms for personal protection and safety.

You may not believe it even exists, let alone that it is for sale. That’s right, paradise is for sale.

Paradise in this instance is a vast, fully-featured, and self-sustainable small arms range/training complex. By that I mean the accommodations are such that a contingent of some 50 persons is able to live, train, work, and play for a near indefinite expanse of time, in total comfort.

Subject to the principal features, and arguably the most prolific of all is the fact that the parcel and all of its functions are fully licensed by the state for all intended activities — a licensing process that is fully transferable to subsequent owners of the property. Such a comprehensive licensing protocol for a shooting range like this can easily take up to five years to complete.