In recent years, it’s become more and more common for everyday folks to start thinking about, and preparing for, the possibility of a large-scale emergency where they live. For most of us, that means storing a bit of food and water in our basements, having fresh batteries in our flashlights, and staying on top of the news. For some others, it means investing in better security, learning how to defend yourself, and if you can afford it, investing in a bunker, safe room, or secondary property you can head to if things get bad.

While “preppers” may be the subject of some mocking thanks to ridiculous shows like NatGeo’s “Doomsday Preppers,” a surprising number of wealthy Americans are investing heavily in fortified properties and even in owning their own levels of ICBM silos that have been converted into luxury apartments.

If you’re rich enough, this could be your front door after the apocalypse. (Courtesy of the Survival Condo Project)

But what if you’re the sort of super-wealthy prepper that prefers an apocalypse with a view? Well, then look no further than Mansion Yachts. These massive vessels are built out of stainless steel, making them far more resilient than traditional fiberglass hull yachts. They also come equipped with everything you need to live a life of luxury during your two weeks of vacation time per year, or after the world’s economy collapses and you need to stay out of the reach of raider gangs. Aside from the steel construction and luxurious amenities, however, what really helps the Mansion Yacht stand out (or rather, up) are its four 18-foot hydraulic legs that each have a lifting capacity of a million pounds. That means your yacht can literally transform into an elevated mansion on stilts in shallow water.

“We’ll just wait out here while you guys eat each other.” (Mansion Yachts)

The 84-foot vessel offers 9,000 square feet of living space, with room for up to 149 of your closest friends. Of course, if that many people want to sleep over, they’ll have to sleep in groups, because the ship boasts just five massive and elegantly equipped staterooms for residents.

Not bad for life on a boat. (Mansion Yachts)

All five staterooms come with king sized beds and their own private bathrooms. Those bathrooms empty into a 1,600 gallon wastewater tank that should last you a good while, depending on how many friends you invite to survive the apocalypse with you. It also has another 1,600 gallon diesel fuel tank, a 5,000 gallon fresh water tank, and 72 solar panels capable of producing 15 kilowatts of power — so even after the world ends, you can still play your favorite video games without worrying about draining the fuel.

So far, only one of these massive vessels has been sold, so if you decide to scoop up your own (for an undisclosed price), you can rest assured that you won’t run into another survivor in the same boat at your next yacht party. Of course, Mansion Yachts rep Bruno Edwards does claim that a number of billionaires are in talks to get their own — so that might give you a sense of just how pricey this houseboat on steroids really is.

If you’re not into parties, you could always use this space to play basketball. (Mansion Yachts)

A few years ago, I was in a much smaller yacht (around 40 feet) when we crashed into a sandbar doing around 30 miles per hour off the coast of Atlantic City. The crash was something to behold (people tend not to wear seat belts on a yacht) but the ship itself survived the ordeal thanks to its aluminum hull. Although both props were bent, we were able to limp ourselves back to port after a bit of help getting unstuck. A stainless steel hull would likely be even more resilient and forgiving, and either are better than fiberglass when it comes to bumping into things in a post-apocalyptic waterway.