Too little too late, shutting the gate after the horse has bolted and told you so, are all things I’ve heard being said about the latest terror attacks in London not two weeks since ISIS TARGETED AND KILLED CHILDREN in Manchester. In the same breath I hear we shouldn’t have a shoot kill policy, policemen shouldn’t carry guns and promises to investigate British soldiers who committed crimes against terrorists in Northern Ireland all banded about by politicians.

Britain is under attack and we are still debating whether or not we should let illegals stay or go. An election campaign has candidates who have openly sympathized with terror groups and a mayor who thinks we should just expect attacks in our great cities. Has Britain lost the plot?

I have had to scratch my head on more than one occasion this week in disbelief. How can there still be such a liberal attitude to such a dangerous problem. Are people blinkered with fright? Do they genuinely believe it won’t happen if we don’t think about it. The so-called decision makers are doing nothing other than a small display of arrests and a change in alert state from less than a week from severe to critical.

The PM has called the cabinet office briefing room in at least three or four times and the best they can do is put a few road blocks on bridges. The public have had enough. I delivered a speech to Sky News and within hours had over six million views. I was to the point with what I said and the general public all sat up and acknowledged that I was saying what they were thinking. It is time to act and time to stand up to the enemy at our gates.

We have since 7/7 or even as far back ad 9/11 known that there is a jihad going on and we as a nation have voted for politicians who have sat back and done nothing. This places us all in the category of being part of the problem. Enough public pressure and it has to change. The fact that a man who appeared on television openly denouncing our country and saying what he would do if it were up to him declared as safe by the security services says to me that our protectors have their hands tied by bureaucracy.

At what point would anyone be allowed to walk free who was openly saying such damaging things. Since when did the terror groups lose their shoot, bomb, knife or run over to kill policy? They never did. In fact we have over three thousand on a watch list still amongst us waiting to strike, and I would suggest that is just the tip of the iceberg. While we have had our backs turned, the extremists have been busy setting their hideous little network up right under our noses. Scurrying about in internet chat rooms like child abusers, they have trained up and deployed their troops in our back yard. They are willing to die for the cause and have no interest in negotiating with anyone. Yet some people in this country are preparing to vote for a man who has openly criticized every effort to confront the problem face to face.

“What can be done is now?” I hear repeatedly. The same people who were denouncing our foreign policies and voting against people who would stand up to terror and even calling them racist, are now running scared. There must be a realization by some that we are now well and truly up shit creek. There are answers to the problem but laws need to change. People need to be brought in off the streets and held indefinitely if there is a chance they could do damage.

Our borders need to be shut down until we have full control back. Passports and visas need to be revoked and people sent back to where they came from if they have trouble adjusting to a democratic society. Policemen need to be armed and their numbers increased. In short, we need to stop pandering to people’s whims and get our gloves up high and defend ourselves.

Luckily we have some of the best trained special forces in the world, who are equipped and experienced to deal with the cancer which is imbedded in our chest. We now need the public to get behind them and allow them to do what is required to keep us safe all safe at night. It’s not racist to stand up for what is right. We need to vote for people who are prepared to take the leash off our security services and let loose the dogs of war.

Finally, if there is a man-power shortage then I am sure that amongst the 400,000 veterans in the country we can find the resources to victor over our tormentors. I for one, are more than willing to throw myself back in harm’s way to ensure my children get the planet handed over to them in a condition they can do something with. As a collective we have taken our eye off the ball. It’s us as a collective who now need to put things right.

It won’t happen overnight and there are many things which need to be done in the long-term. For now though it is time to stand up and be counted before it is too late.

Editorial cartoon courtesy of Robert L. Lang