With former CIA officer, and sometimes SOFREP author, Sam Faddis running for the Senate in his district in Maryland I decided to shoot a few questions his way about foreign policy, the issues that matter to voters in Maryland, and how his career as an intelligence officer has informed his worldview.

SOFREP: How does your background as a career CIA officer impact your political views, especially in regards to foreign policy and national security?

Faddis: We have been at war for almost sixteen years, and victory is nowhere in sight.  The number of men and women in Congress who are veterans is at a record low. These two things are not unrelated. If the sons and daughters of Senators and Congressmen were coming home to be buried at Arlington, we would find a way to win and have far less patience for endless mission creep and ill-conceived nation building exercises.

I am not a hero. I was in the Army and the CIA, and like everybody else, I just did my job. I do know what the threats are, and I didn’t learn about them by reading a report someone else wrote while sitting in an air-conditioned office in DC. I know, because I wrote those reports. I ran the sources that produced the information in them, and I have been face to face with the enemy for many years.

SOFREP: In an era of political polarization, do you have a strategy for bringing multiple parties together in order to compromise on important issues?

Faddis: Serving overseas, we all had one common interest no matter your political affiliation, the prosperity and protection of the United States of America. Though I am running as a Republican and believe in the principles of our platform, I will keep the best interest of Americans at the front of my campaign, not political parties. I believe in the American people. I believe in their inherent goodness and their common sense. My strategy is to talk to people and to listen to what they have to say. What unites us is far more important than what divides us.

SOFREP: What are the three main issues facing the voters in the State of Maryland that you intend to address and how?

Faddis:  Jobs, the economy, and healthcare. Government shall create the conditions under which economic growth can occur and jobs can be created. Everything the government does should be laser-focused on that objective. The healthcare we were promised is collapsing and more than 50% of Marylanders are on the brink of losing coverage. We must eliminate unnecessary regulation to unleash the free enterprise system and stimulate economic growth.  Let’s renegotiate trade deals that have driven jobs abroad. We should not be fighting over raising the minimum wage. We should be creating jobs that pay a real living wage, one on which you can build a future.