Greece’s former Prime Minister Lucas Papademos was the target of a terrorist attack today.

Mr. Papademos opened a letter that contained an IED while in his car. A driver and a bodyguard riding with him were also injured in the blast.

Mr. Papademos served as Prime Minister from November 2011 to May 2012, appointed head of a caretaker government, which was formed after the resignation of the previous prime minister and with the participation of three major parties.

The appointment of Mr. Papademos was heavily opposed by parties of the left, while his grand-coalition government’s policies and its role in signing the country’s second bailout, received harsh criticism from both sides of the political spectrum. It being an unelected government, right-wing and left-wing populists presented the agreement as an illegitimate, autocratic move.

The latest reports state that Mr. Papademos and the other persons injured in the blast, were lucky and have no life threatening injuries.

Picture courtesy of Associated Press.