We wrote about former two-time deputy to James Mattis, retired Navy Vice Admiral (SEAL) Robert S. Harward, here on SOFREP back in early February.  At the time, this author and others assumed that Harward might be tapped for a position within Secretary of Defense Mattis’ Pentagon, as an undersecretary of defense perhaps.

It seems instead that Mattis might have had a bigger job in mind for his twice-former deputy.  SOFREP cannot confirm that Mattis recommended Harward for the newly-vacant position of National Security Advisor, following the resignation of former General Michael Flynn, but it does seem likely.

As we reported here previously, Harward was a favored deputy of Mattis at both U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) and the now-defunct U.S. Joint Forces Command.  There is no reason why Mattis would not have put Harward’s name forward as a successor to Flynn, assuming that he was asked by the Trump White House for his input into filling the position.

News articles about Harward are of course popping up everywhere now as media outlets seek to fill in the blanks with regards to the biography of a man not known for promoting himself gratuitously in the media.  With that in mind, here are some of the facts, anecdotes, rumors, and apocryphal tales of the iconic former SEAL that may help fill in some of those blanks.