The World is a better place because we are different.

Different tastes, beliefs in religion, science, mysticism, sexual preferences, lifestyle, and more.

It’s really what makes the world a beautiful place.

I’m thankful I don’t live on the planet Conformia with a bunch of group-thinking cone heads (sorry not sorry if you have a cone head).

Canceling a group of people (or person) because they don’t share the same opinion or beliefs that you do is not the way forward to a better future and it’s no way to lead.

I’d argue that most people I’ve heard use the definition of “woke” for describing themselves are the furthest thing from being enlightened.

Most people I’ve encountered claiming wokeness are in fact ideologists who can’t change the subject and are unlikely to change their minds. I think Churchill described these kinds of people as extremists!

Don’t be an extremist, it’s not vogue.