Former Navy SEAL Eric Greitens won his Republican primary race for governor of Missouri on April 2, 2016, beating out three other candidates and securing his place as the primary challenger to Democrat Chris Koster in the general election.

Greitens secured 35 percent of the vote in the Missouri Republican primary election, and touted his former career as a SEAL throughout the race. Greitens was challenged at one point by anonymous former SEAL teammates, who produced a slick video calling into question his service in the Navy. Greitens strongly denounced the attack, which did not seem to harm his political prospects in the race.

In addition to being a former Navy SEAL, Greitens is also a best-selling author and the founder of a non-profit organization called The Mission Continues. The organization aims to help veterans link up with volunteer opportunities to aid their transition back to civilian life after military service.

Greitens is also a former Rhodes Scholar, White House fellow, and photographer who travelled the world documenting the conditions in which war refugees and homeless children live, according to ABC News. He has an impressive resume, and portrays himself as a conservative outsider in the Missouri governor’s race.