As you read on you’ll see that this story is a special find and I wanted to share with everyone on SOFREP.

Special thanks to CR at Massif for digging this up and sending it to me. At the time Massif was branching out into the commerical market and had a partnership with myself, they eventually decided to focus solely on government sales and we parted ways. They’re a great company with incredible people, and I continue to make kick ass materials and clothing.

Asolo makes a great boot, and Glen’s testimony to their durability and performance is hard to beat. Reading Glen’s old “Pro form” from Massif brought a smile to my face, I could hear Glen’s voice all through the read.

I hope you enjoy this special review as much as I did.


Photo: Glen hooked up with a fresh Marlin. With friends and I fishing in Cabo on the “Reel Axe”

Massif Pro Form/Asolo Hiking Boot Review

Job Title: Security Specialist

Job Duties: Global personal and installation security

Military: Navy

End Date of Current Deployment: UNK

Height: 5 9

Weight: 185

Please describe your job, including what your duties demand on a daily basis and/or when you’re wearing flame-resistant gear. Be specific and include details such as physical activity, time spent at rest, terrain, weather conditions, and gear you typically carry with you such as backpacks or body armor:

I spend 6-8 months a year overseas working in different countries providing personal security, establishing installation security, and acting as a liaison with the local populus to establish relations.

Please tell us about any outdoor experience outside of your current position that would inform your ability to analyze our gear – such as hunting, climbing, backpacking, etc:

I was a professional river guide for 4 years, primarily in Cataract Canyon on the Colorado river. I was a semi-professional skier for 6 years based out of Snowbird Utah. I run a medical clinic for two weeks every year on Tavarua Island (destination surf resort) off the coast of Fiji. I have white water kayaked all over the West, spent months climbing at places like Smith Rock Oregon, City of Rocks Idaho, and all over Utah. I was in the USN SEAL teams from 1996-2005, and still scuba dive and skydive regularly. I completed Ironman Canada in 2004 under 12 hours, and still road and mountain bike extensively. I have backpacked and camped all over the West, including over a month straight in Montana, and recently a week of backcountry skiing in the Wallawa Range. I was Brandon Webbs shooting partner at SEAL Sniper School.

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Main image: Courtesy of Asolo