I just dashed this off in the last hour, trying to put together a quick, initial reaction to the terrible news out of Connecticut, so please forgive all grammatical errors/redundancies. – BK

Christ, talk about timing. The day my article defending the second amendment and right to self-defense is published, some psychopath named Adam Lanza goes on a shooting rampage at a school in Connecticut. Normally I don’t like to talk about gun policy immediately after such horrors, as emotions are running high and I find it in bad taste no matter what one’s thoughts may be on the issue.

However, since a whole lot of pundits are bringing it up again, I guess we need to talk about this incident now, not later. The school shootings always bring the calls for gun control, particular in this instance, as the victims were mainly small children and a few heroic teachers.

I’m a bit hesitant to delve into the specifics of the story, because the details tend to change rapidly as more information comes out. But let’s talk for a moment about the implications of this terrible massacre going by what we know right now.

First off, let me clear: This was a horrible act, perpetrated by a savage masquerading as human, who was obviously mentally disturbed. My heart absolutely breaks for the families who lost children. As a father myself, I can’t even begin to imagine what they are feeling.

This incident is going to really re-ignite the gun control debate, being as the victims were the most sympathetic of all- innocent young children. The President has already hinted that he was going to take action.

What kind of action is the question. The guns used in the killings, were all purchased legally by the shooter’s mother. It is still unclear what weapons specifically were used in the attack. There was reportedly a rifle found still in the car, but new reports are saying that a rifle was also used in the killings. Two rifles, then, perhaps? There were two handguns used (some accounts have said 4, but only 2 used,): a 9mm Sig-Sauer and a 9mm Glock. The latest reports are saying it was mostly the long gun.

Connecticut has some of the strictest laws in the nation when it comes to guns. Obviously, more laws wouldn’t have helped in this case, because the shooter had broken many already. He wasn’t old enough to posses a handgun (felony), and he stole the handguns from the legally registered owner (felony). Indeed, one report says that Lanza had attempted to purchase a rifle several days before, only to be rebuffed by the mandatory waiting period. So apparently, all existing gun laws worked as intended.