Former President George H.W. Bush along with his wife, Barbara Bush, have both been hospitalized, according to a statement made by their spokesman, Jim McGrath, on Wednesday.

The Senior George Bush, father of forty-third president George W. Bush, sought medical treatment on Saturday as a result of “an acute respiratory problem stemming from pneumonia.”

McGrath went on to explain that, “Doctors performed a procedure to protect and clear his airway that required sedation.”

According to the spokesman, President Bush is recovering well from the treatment.  His wife, Barbera, was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday morning as a safety precaution due to fatigue and coughing.

George H.W. Bush has been reported as “doing fine” by his chief of staff, Jean Becker, when asked by the Houston Chronicle.  He reportedly sent a letter to President Elect Donald Trump apologizing for his inability to attend Trump’s January 20th inauguration for health reasons.

“Barbara and I are so sorry we can’t be there for your inauguration on January 20th,” Bush wrote in a letter to Mr. Trump last week.  “My doctor says if I sit outside in January, it likely will put me six feet under,” he added. “Same for Barbara, So I guess we’re stuck in Texas.”

He concluded the brief letter by saying, “But we will be with you and the country in spirit.  I want you to know that I wish you the very best as you begin this incredible journey of leading our great country.  If I can ever be of help, please let me know.”

Donald Trump exchanged verbal blows with Jeb Bush, George senior’s second son and younger brother to George W, throughout the Republican primaries, frequently referring to him as “low energy Jeb,” but it would seem the former President isn’t holding any grudges against the President Elect.