Yesterday a judge in Leavenworth, Kansas denied the continuance of a trail for former Physician Assistant Mark Wisner, who was described to SOFREP by one of his patients as, “the Jerry Sandusky of Veterans Affairs.”  The former Ranger went to Wisner for a checkup in January of 2014 with a follow up appointment a week later to discuss blood work that had been done.  On both occasions, Wisner insisted on giving the veteran a testicular exam.

“I have had numerous testicular exams over the years and so I get there and I know what is normal as far as looking for injury and this was definitely not,” the Ranger said.  Having had some medical training in the military, the veteran knew that something was off about Wisner.  “I know what is right and what is wrong but he caught me with my guard down. It creeped me out and it was uncomfortable and gross. What creeped me out the most was why? Why the fuck would you fuck with me? I figured if he was doing it to me, he was doing it to other people,” the former Ranger added.

In February of 2014, the Ranger reported Wisner to the proper authorities in Veterans Affairs.  While filing the report, “I could tell the dude didn’t believe me from his body language and tone of voice,” the Ranger reported.  “If he tells you what he did was right you will just have to believe that,” the VA official said.  “No one got back to me and told me why this was actually the right thing to do. They never contacted me,” the Ranger told SOFREP.

In May, another veteran reported Wisner.  Then in June, the Ranger Regiment veteran who was by now in a severe state of duress sends a panicked e-mail to Veterans Affairs about Wisner and his experience.  The case is finally taken seriously and a federal investigator in appointed, however the Ranger soon learns that the investigator does not have the prior police report that he initially filed against Wisner.  Together, they managed to force VA to dig up the report.

At that point the truth begins to come out as more veterans come forward.  It is also revealed that a nurse had reported Wisner in 1999.  A unknown veteran had reported him in 2012.  Wisner had been arrested in the 1980’s for exposing himself in an adult bookstore.  Furthermore, Wisner (who is in the National Guard) also runs a private practice.  Reportedly, children who were his patients in the 1990’s have come forward with complaints as well.

In February of 2015, charges are filed against Wisner who is now known to be a sexual predator.  He also offers a confession.  “He looks for guys that have PTSD in their past because he has access to their records and what he would do is get these guys on pain pills, over prescribe them until a chemical dependency came into effect and then use the fact that they had to come back [to him for more pills] to do his thing,” the former Ranger described.

With more than a dozen veterans coming forward to complain about Wisner’s behavior, three investigations, and Wisner himself confessing to being a sexual deviant, the courts will likely hand him a de facto life sentence in prison for his crimes.  However, the institutional failings at Veteran’s Affairs continue.

“I think there is a overt attempt to try to wash their hands of this and abandon veterans,” the Ranger said.  On September 14, 2016 Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald appeared in front of the Senate, telling Senator Jerry Moran of Kansas that when the first allegation of sexual misconduct against Wisner was reported, that he was immediately removed.  “We immediately removed him from caring for patients,” Secretary McDonald claimed in front of the Senate.