Politics has never done it for me. I have always gone with what the majority have decided. As a soldier if I voted for a party which never won, I would have trouble fighting for them. If I stand up for what the majority of people want, then I have purpose. That theory is fine until one of the candidates has a history of collaborating with terrorist organizations which went up against the Crown. That’s right I am not making it up.

The Labour Party is led by a man who still to this day refuses to condemn the actions of the IRA. The same man openly stood firm and mourned the loss of eight terrorists who were killed by my former unit as they attempted to murder security services in a Northern Irish police station. No wonder he is unhappy with a so-called “shoot to kill policy” because if there was such a thing, it would be against the very people he has colluded with. For the record, I have never heard of anyone being issued a firearm and receiving a brief telling them to tickle people with it.

The “shoot to kill” thing was invented by people who wanted to try to convince the public that we were being harsh by fighting fire with fire. This man wanted to decrease the numbers of armed policemen and has said on tape that if he needed to, he would not use nuclear force. No wonder then on this particular occasion I have been extremely vocal in trying to dissuade people in voting for the said man who I genuinely believe has other agendas which are detrimental to our way of life. In a country where known terror suspects repeatedly kill people because our laws are not robust enough to stand up to them, the last thing we needed was a guy steering the ship who sympathizes with them.

How did it pan out then? Well the Labour Party aimed their campaign at the vulnerable and made promises which would have been impossible to keep. They teased the youth with promises of free schooling and better opportunities. They went into the poorer areas and promised to improve the health service. Their leader, to be fair, was good at public speaking and gave rousing speeches focussing on an unrealistic manifesto. The conservatives failed in every department to impress anyone and their leader refused to debate and struggled to answer simple questions.