Former Navy SEAL, bestselling author, and founder of the non-governmental organization The Mission Continues, Eric Greitens, is one step closer today to entering the race for Governor of Missouri.  The SEAL veteran released a web video and email to supporters on July 13, touting his intention to kick off a tour of Missouri called “Listen and Lead.”

Greitens had released a statement this past spring stating that he was considering a run for “statewide office in Missouri,” as a Republican, and the upcoming listening tour appears to be a further step in that direction.  In his emailed statement, and on his “Greitens for Missouri” website, Greitens claims that “the best leaders listen first, and then lead with decisive action.”  To that end, Grietens states that he intends to travel Missouri, “meeting with people, and hearing directly from them” about how — collectively — they can move the state forward.

In terms of policies, the emailed statement mentions “reforming welfare,” and replacing Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act) with “something that works better for Missouri.”  It is unclear what that replacement would be, but one assumes Greitens intends to look for answers on his listening tour.

According to a July 13 article in The Missouri Times, Greitens has worked hard to label himself as a political outsider in Missouri, and is putting his lack of political experience forward as a positive attribute of his potential campaign.  According to the same article, Greitens has already raised more than one million dollars for his campaign, after a hefty $800,000 fundraising quarter.  He will enter a crowded Republican field in the Missouri gubernatorial race.

(Photo courtesy of Alex Heuer / St. Louis Public Radio)