Note: Former Navy SEAL and sniper instructor Eric Davis is the founder of Average Frog, an online membership platform repurposing the proven performance principles of the SEAL Teams.

Among Heroes” is a powerful tribute to true American heroes, many of whose lives and stories have never been told. The stories act to humanize these amazing men, giving readers insight into their lives, their families, and their legacies. As a sniper instructor in the SEAL teams who worked alongside Brandon in the redevelopment of the sniper course curriculum, I have met and worked with many of these heroic men. Reading their stories was a humbling reminder that we must continue to remember, pay tribute to, and thank those that have served, and continue to serve, as well as those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and our country.

I found the stories incredibly relatable, not only to veterans and members of our armed forces, but also to the general public, thereby adding a very human component to the military and their sacrifices. The stories were heartwarming and heart-wrenching, at times humorous, and at others, devastating. Each chapter gave incredible insight into the lives and spirit of heroes that many Americans know nothing about.

The audiobook version of the book features unique interviews with family members of the fallen heroes, which can bring even the hardest soul to their knees with humility and gratitude. In addition, each chapter is prefaced with an intimate discussion by Brandon himself, introducing you to each individual hero, telling very personal stories about his relationship with his lost-far-too-soon friends.