We wanted to take a quick moment to give a shout out to a couple of former team mates of ours, Sean and Eric.  They live in Denver and own/operate BluCore. Their state of the art facility was opened with one goal in mind: “re-defining the firearms experience!”  They have a range, gun store and combat proven firearms training…all at one convenient facility.

This year, they celebrated their first full year of operations. They also rebuilt their website and launched their own online gun store. They call it the BluCore Online Store.

Their online store features over 70,000 firearms and shooting sports related products, and their inventory is updated every 5 minutes!


Recently, they launched version 2.0 of their online store. Now, they offer free shipping on all firearms purchases and flat rate shipping ($5 / order) on all other purchases excluding ammunition and large items.

Most importantly, they now offer discounted pricing and free shipping on all firearms and products for those who serve either in the military or in law enforcement. They offer this free of charge to those in harm’s way. We all know it isn’t really free though.  These brave men and women sacrifice for us every day!

Take a look at their new online gun store, the BluCore Online Store, if you get a moment. They have a huge selection of firearms, accessories, tactical gear, and ammunition. Those of you who currently serve can get access to discounts on all 70,000+ products they sell and free shipping on all orders.


I’d also highly recommend getting some training with these guys, they don’t advertise this too much but, they have some of the world’s most accomplished combat shooting instructors. It’s worth a flight out to Colorado, trust me.

Keep up the good fight gents.


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