A former SOF operator received an unexpected gift during an event hosted by the Navy SEAL Museum.

The SOF operator was presented with Silver during the Museum’s 34th Annual Muster and Music Festival that took place on November 8/9. Silver is a Special Operations Military Working Dog (SOMWD).

“Working with our veterans remains a primary focus and is central to the mission of the Museum,” said retired Master Chief Rick Kaiser, the Executive Director of the Navy SEAL Museum. “[Special Operations] Multipurpose canines are an integral part of the SEAL Teams and so have they become in the homes of those who have served. We are happy to provide this important resource and source of companionship for these men and their families.”

The former SOF operator chose to remain anonymous for personal security (PERSEC) reasons.

“There are those places within the human soul that man’s words or woman’s love at times cannot reach,” said Josh Perry, the owner of Baden K-9. “It is such places that the silent loyal presence of the dog is able to touch and to calm. This is the mission and the desire of Baden K-9 and those at the Navy SEAL Museum: with the aid of the dog, say ‘Well done’ and ‘Welcome home’ as they present service dogs through their program to the veterans and their families.”

Baden K-9 is a Canadian-based company breeding and selling canines for home protection, law enforcement, and military use for about 35 years.

“I don’t know how to express my thanks to be presented with an incredible canine from Master Chief Kaiser, a man I greatly admire, and the Director of the Navy SEAL Museum,” said the former SOF operator and canine recipient. “Silver was raised and trained by Baden and supported by the Swim With a Mission event at this past July. We look forward to having Silver join our family and integrating him into our home. My wife and children are as excited as I am. We look forward to the bond we will create with him and together through him. Thank you.”

SOMWDs are an integral part of the Special Operations community, as it was highlighted during the recent Delta Force operation that resulted in the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State. During the operation, SOWMD Conan chased and cornered the terrorist leader forcing him to detonate a suicide vest that killed him and two of his children.