Sexually explicit tweets sent from the Fort Bragg authorized garrison account were not the work of hackers. Rather, they were sent by an account administrator who had access and authority to send social media messages according to a statement from XVIII Airborne Corps that out any hacking of the account

“This morning, at the initiation of an investigation into yesterday’s incident regarding inappropriate tweets on the Fort Bragg Twitter account, an administrator for the account identified himself as the source of the tweets,” said XVIII Airborne Corps spokesman Col. Joe Buccino. “Appropriate action is underway. The Fort Bragg account will be restored in the coming days.”

The statement reverses the information that the command had rushed out Wednesday. Initially, XVIII Airborne Corps officials had said at 5:20 p.m. that “a string of explicit Tweets” was because the base’s Twitter account had been hacked. 

The garrison’s Twitter account, which has more than 58,000 followers, was taken offline after several users spotted several inappropriate tweets from the official @FtBraggNC to an OnlyFans user @quinnfinite10 who had posted nude pictures. The many comments obviously got the attention of senior officials at the base. 

OnlyFans is a British subscription service with sexually-explicit material. It is based in London and frequently used by those working in the sex industry.

The garrison’s account had commented approvingly on one photo and appeared to make fun of those who disliked female pubic hair in another. The tweets were later deleted.