The commander of the U.S. Army’s sprawling base at Fort Hood is being removed from his position over the deaths of fifteen soldiers and the disappearance and alleged murder and dismemberment of an Army Specialist.

Major General Scott Efflandt was slated to move to the command position of the 1st Armored Division at the Texas-based Fort Bliss, but will no longer assume the position according to a U.S. Army statement released Tuesday. The decision to delay a division command post is a strong message from ‘Big Army’ and will likely hasten the end of General Efflandt’s career.

The Army will announce General Efflandt’s replacement in the coming weeks. 

The warning signs were there since June. The Army had decided to put Efflandt’s transfer on hold pending an investigation into the disappearance and deaths of several soldiers at the base, many of whom had come forward with reports of sexual assault.