Growing up in my house Sundays in the fall weren’t reserved for sports. They were reserved for putting away hunting gear, depending on the season, and watching hunting and fishing shows. I guess my family couldn’t get enough after a weekend of being outdoors they wanted more. Fox Nation Outdoors brought me back to those days. Fox Nation Outdoors does it with a bit more pizzazz than those old shows, but the feelings are the same.

The show is all about hunting and potentially fishing in later seasons. The host is Jonathan “Joey” Jones. Jones is a rather busy man. He spoke with President Obama in 2012, works with Team Never Quit, and advises numerous military-based nonprofits. He’s also a fellow Marine and was the CEO of the non-profit Boot Campaign.

Joey lost his legs in 2010 in Afghanistan after stepping on a hidden pressure plate. He served as an EOD technician and was responsible for rendering over 100 IEDs safe. At only 23, he was a staff sergeant and served with distinction. As a man with two prosthetic legs, he faces some very unique challenges in the great outdoors, and Fox Nation doesn’t hide it. You’ll see him carried across a river in one episode. Joey never seems to lose the pep in his step and keeps positive regardless of the situation.

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Fox Nation Outdoors – Guns, Rockstars, and Hunting

The show’s format is pretty simple. Joey travels across the country to hook up with interesting people to do interesting hunts at interesting places. Seriously, we see Joey interact with rockstars like Ted Nugent, Marine General Walter Boomer, Green Beret Nate Boyer, and even politicians like Kristi Noem. The mix of veterans gives the show some heart. Nothing against Governor Noem or Ted Nugent, but I find both celebrities and politicians tiresome, and if the show was nothing but celebrities and politicians, it would get old rather quick. Fortunately, it isn’t.

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They hunt everything from quail to moose with everything from shotguns to bows. It’s not just footage of them quietly hunting, as the hunting shows of old. Instead, we also get to know our guests a bit better through interviews. Heck, we even see the crew herd bison at one point. The show’s diverse guests, locations, hunting styles, and animals mean it’s not just the same old dude getting excited about bagging another six-point buck.

This diversity drives the show and keeps it entertaining. Each episode is self-contained and you’ll never see the same thing twice. Outside of the guests and the hunts, Fox Nation Outdoors shows some beautiful locations that showcase the diversity of the North American landscape.


What and Where to Watch

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Fox Nation Outdoors features two seasons and 12 episodes available to stream now. As much as we’d all like more episodes, I’d imagine filming around hunting seasons that vary across the country makes it rather difficult. I’m hoping we keep seeing veteran guests, and I think people like Mat Best, Evan Hafer, and even Joe Rogan would be outstanding guests for Fox Nation Outdoors. All three are hunters and excellent spokesmen for the great outdoors.


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This article was originally published in May 2021. It has been edited for republication.