As I land in Paris, you would never think that two nights ago Islamic terrorists launched one of the most shocking attacks in Europe to date, killing 129 and wounding over 300. My first stop was the hotel which is located and in the center of where these shootings took place. First stop of the night would be Bataclan, a music theatre where over 1,500 people just two nights ago were enjoying a good night out. Four terrorists wearing explosive laden vests stormed the building and started shooting. Last night, France remained in state of emergency and the city was placed under a curfew, something that has not happened since 1944.

Tonight I make my way to Bataclan and walking about the streets there is a feeling of worry in the air. The capital is more quiet than I would have liked and streets are lonely and gloomy, at least until you hit Bataclan. The first thing you notice is all the news crews parked nearby doing their thing. Busying around them are civilians paying their respects, laying flowers, lighting candles, and every now and then you can hear people crying and see them wiping tears from their eyes. You can see that people here are frustrated and want justice.  You can hear in their voice and cries. The whole area around Bataclan is on lockdown with a heavy supply of armed police.


As I look round at the notes and flowers laid at the site of the tragedy, one thing is for sure, there is a lot of anger and hatred but at the same a lot support and nice messages from around the world. But for me you can see people are looking for their government to do something. They want revenge and the message is clear.

President Francois Hollande said in a recent statement that, “I ask you keep all your trust in what we can do with our security forces to protect our nation from terrorist attacks.”

The people of France know that the security forces can react and protect from these threats but the question is, will you let of them to do what is necessary?