1997 was a great year for movies.  Titanic, Men in Black, The Fifth Element, and even a Jurassic Park sequel that made a little bit of sense took the world by storm, and although Pierce Brosnan set out to make James Bond as lame as he could (again) Harrison Ford played an American president that threw Gary Oldman off of a plane.  In a cinematic sense, the world was as it should be for the most part… but music was another story.

The same year that brought us Will Smith welcoming aliens to earth also brought about the mainstream adoption of rap metal… and bands like Limp Bizkit, fronted by a guy that looks exactly like every guy you went to high school with that lived in a trailer park (I lived in one too, so I’m allowed to say that).  Fred Durst made millions with lyrics like, “Hey I think about the day/My girlie ran away with my pay/When fellas come to play” and effectively made it impossible for people of my generation to ever claim that “music had substance back in my day.”

In the years since, the musical world left Durst and his poetic lyrics behind in favor of new weirdos with even stranger things to say, and we’ve been blessed by the absence of his flat brimmed hat-wearing antics… but that’s not the end of Durst’s, or Limp Bizkit’s, story.

In 2009, the band decided to get back together despite no one knowing or caring that they had broken up.  They chose Russia to launch their new tour, which Durst claims was because the American public always misunderstood his lyrics and didn’t appreciate the real emotion behind his music.  In fairness to Durst, I’ll post some of those easily misunderstood lyrics here:

I did it all for the nookie


The nookie