Every once in awhile, you see something that takes you straight back in time. When I ran across American Marauders Pineland collection, it took me right back to my first SF mission. After Pineland, things were never the same. It seems like only yesterday that I stood beside the legendary Dougal Canteeth and swore to free my brothers in occupied Pineland.

The fear of an enemy occupied America has been around since 1812. Movies like “Red Dawn” (both the new one and the good one) give perspective on how the American people would react. In my favorite scene in  the original version, Radio Free America tells the resistance that “Green Berets will be coming in the spring”.   All real Green Berets have lived this scenario year round in Exercise Robin Sage.

Pineland Resistance Forces Flag

Pineland is a fictional country located in North Carolina. Several times a year, the freedom loving Republic of Pineland is invaded by the pernicious Atlanticans in the north.  Atlantica supports their puppet state, the illegitimate People’s Republic of Pineland in the province of North Pineland.  Since 1952, the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center  and its predecessors have sent Special Forces, Psyops and Civil Affairs soldiers to wage unconventional warfare supporting guerrillas in the bloody hills of Pineland.

Flag of Atlantica

As their graduation exercise, Special Forces candidates are organized into A teams and infiltrated into Pineland by parachute, vehicle, helicopter, and foot to link up with their gallant allies. Their mission is to advise and assist resistance forces behind the lines in occupied Pineland.   In a bizarre open air community theater, soldiers are smuggled in pick up trucks, sleep in barns, engage in firefights in neighborhoods, and are sometime betrayed to the occupying forces. Generations of local residents have fought with and supported the resistance forces. Some support Atlantica and their puppet, the Peoples Republic of Pineland.   It can be quite confusing. Sometimes, a few thousand Don changing hands can shift a player one way of the other.

Pineland currency known as Don

In this episode of “Robin Sage: the Reality Show” the combat experienced Guerrilla chief (usually a retired SF team sergeant) has captured a downed enemy pilot.  The Green Beret candidates assigned to support this resistance cell are charged with  preventing war crimes and following their rules of engagement. We join the action as the SF team medics treat the pilot’s wounds and the G-chief decides to execute him.  The Green Beret team leader and team sergeant advocate protecting the prisoner. Both of them are painfully aware that to lose rapport or permit a war crime is to fail the mission.  Let’s see what happens: