During a visit to the Ivory Coast, French President Emmanuel Macron announced the success of a French military operation in Mali that resulted in the deaths of 33 Islamist militants.

The raid took place along Mali’s border with Mauritania, where an al-Qaeda affiliate group is known to operate in. The operation consisted of ground troops, attack helicopters and a drone. The mission targeted a forest area that French forces had previously attacked. During that previous attack, the French had incorrectly claimed that they had killed Amadou Koufa, a senior Islamist militant leader that has long been hunted in the Sahel.

It remains unclear whether Koufa was the target of the operation. A spokesman for the French army’s chief of staff declining to comment.

In addition to the killing of the 33 militants, Macron also announced that French troops had managed to “take one prisoner and free two Malian gendarmes who had been held hostage.”