Every now and then the Air Force pulls its head out and makes a tiny effort to advertise it’s special operations capabilities. While knowledge of CCT is growing daily, the USAF still has done a terrible job of sharing their role in today’s wars. Even people in the military hardly know what CCT is, and when you say special operations, I would bet 99% of people would blurt out Navy SEAL or Army SF. And while I’ve got nothing but love for those other dudes, it bothers me that the USAF does such a poor job with our own special ops public relations.

Good advertisement of our CCT and PJ programs would only bring in more qualified candidates for those jobs. And more public recognition could result in better funding, better training, and ultimately better products on the battlefield (not that I think we are lacking there, but you can always improve). I understand the “quiet professional” aspect of it. No one joined a relatively obscure special ops career field for recognition or glory. But for the good of the future of the Air Force, I’d like to see some more productions like this one:


YouTube has been around for a while, and a quick search of CCT or Combat Control in the search bar pulls up the same 7-10 tired videos. Let’s see the AF pump out some more quality videos highlighting their ground forces.


Image courtesy: YouTube screengrab