I wouldn’t want my son to be in the SEAL Teams that exist today, it’s a mafioso environment where everyone has dirt on each other. The culture is more Hells Angels than a professional Special Ops unit.” – Anonymous Navy SEAL


I was initially worried about addressing this topic because of the toxic peer pressure that exists among the SEAL community inside and outside. However, my business network kept asking me about Gallagher and Trump’s intervention in his case, and in the end, I decided that if the thought of speaking about this made me uncomfortable, I should just write about it.

Stage set, cameras rolling, soundcheck, action.

The Gallagher case was anything but uncomplicated. It Pitted Navy SEAL against Navy SEAL. The NCIS was found to be bullying and intimidating to get their way.

According to the Navy Times, Navy Captain Aaron Rugh determined that, “the NCIS intrusion placed an intolerable strain on the public’s perception of the military justice system because ‘an objective, disinterested observer, fully informed of all of the facts and circumstances, would harbor a significant doubt about the fairness of the proceeding.”

The military judge presiding over the court-martial of a U.S. Navy SEAL charged with war crimes said on Friday prosecutors who electronically tracked email communications of defense lawyers without a warrant violated the accused’s right to a fair trial.” – Reuters

So, what do I think of Trump’s intervention? I’m personally not surprised at the theatrics, and in this case, I support Trump for stepping in given the unusual nature of the case, NCIS’s mishandling of the investigation, and the current dysfunctional environment of the SEAL Teams. Most on active duty will not realize how crazy the Teams look from the lens of a former member (and the rest of the world) who is on the outside now looking in.