The world is changing. The question is whether or not we will realize it soon enough for any of us to make a single bit of difference.  Behind the scenes, a debate has taken place about to what extent the People’s Republic of China has engaged in a controversial practice called gene-doping.

Gene-doping is a series of techniques for genetic manipulation and modification.  You may have heard of it in the past as being called gene-therepy, a practice which manipulates genetics in order to help sick people.  Whether you call it gene-doping or gene-therepy depends if you are using the techniques on a healthy person or a sick person, or the difference could simply lay in a moral judgement which you are making.

What are the potential benefits of gene-doping?  Well, there are is a cocktail of possibilities.


Myostatin is a type of protein which regulates how much muscle fiber you can grow.  Using myostatin inhibitors, a person could have super human strength. Studies have been done on cattle and greyhound dogs with a genetic disorder which limits how much myostatin they produce.  These animals are sometimes called “double muscled” because they have such abnormally large muscles.  Not many Special Operations soldiers would turn down the opportunity to become super human.


Some current research indicates that the ACTN3 gene may be a good target as sprinters seem to have it in greater frequency than average people.  It has even been “dubbed the ‘speed gene’ and found in nearly every male Olympic sprinter ever tested” which makes this a high percentage gene to manipulate in order to make a soldier or athlete faster.