With the country still reeling from a tragic mass shooting at a Parkland, Florida high school two weeks ago, police responded an armed teacher that reportedly fired a single shot from within his barricaded classroom in Georgia on Wednesday.

Jesse Randall Davidson, 53, is a social studies teacher in the city of Dalton, Georgia, where he also serves as the play by play announcer for the school’s football games. According to local outlets, the incident began when a group of students attempted to enter his classroom, only to find that the teacher, Davidson, wouldn’t allow anyone to enter. They got the attention of the school’s principal, who then attempted to gain access to the barricaded room. At that point, Davidson reportedly fired a single shot from a pistol.

According to witness testimonies, Davidson was seen pointing the weapon away from people and out an exterior window when he fired.

“I don’t know whether he was just firing the gun off to let people know to back off or what,” Dalton Police Department spokesman Bruce Frazier said.

The school immediately set about their security lockdown protocols and contacted the local police. The school’s on-site resource officer was also summoned to help address the situation.

Frazier told reporters that after police arrived, they were able to take Davidson into custody without incident after a 30-45 minute standoff. He indicated that the situation may have stemmed from a suicide attempt, saying that, “this teacher apparently did not want to involve students in this incident in any way.”

While no one was injured by the gunshot, one student was injured during the hectic evacuation of the high school. According to Frazier, that injury was a hurt ankle suffered by a young girl “fleeing in the pandemonium.”

In videos shared by students on social media, you can see them evacuating the building in a controlled manner for the most part, however – a testament to the prompt and professional response from school officials.

The weapon itself has not yet been identified, but multiple witnesses confirm that it was a pistol. The weapon has been recovered by law enforcement and Davidson remains in custody. Thus far, no word regarding what charges will be filed against him have been released.

According to police, a note was found on the floor of a classroom on February 21st, that indicated a threat to the school, though they do not believe Wednesday’s incident was related to that note in any way. Nonetheless, plans were already in place to increase the law enforcement presence at the 2,000 student school in light of the recent mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.


Image courtesy of the Associated Press