The top Special Operations unit of the German military has once again been rocked by a right-wing scandal.

Last month, German law enforcement officers, in conjunction with the German military intelligence agency (MAD), raided the residence of a sergeant major who was assigned to the Kommando Spezialkrafte (KSK), the Tier 1 Special Operations unit of the German military. They found smuggled explosives, weapons, and ammunition. The senior non-commissioned officer was arrested and promptly kicked out of the unit.

Brigadier General Markus Kreitmayr, the commander of the KSK, wrote a letter to his troops, cautioning that “In the midst of our community, there were and obviously still are individuals who have been and still are part of the so-called right spectrum.” He warned that those with such affiliations will be kicked out of the unit.

The infiltration of right-wing extremist into the German military in general, and its Special Operations units in particular, is by no means novel. Last December, SOFREP reported that German counterintelligence had uncovered three operators with far-right affiliations.