In the ever-expanding digital age, the key to harnessing the vast volumes of data available online lies in the art of open-source intelligence. This art form requires a masterful approach to accessing and collecting data from a myriad of platforms spanning the Surface, Deep, and Dark Web. This is where traditional methods fall short, and the innovative open-source intelligence (OSINT) technology and approach of Fivecast stands out.

Fivecast isn’t just another tool in the digital intelligence toolbox. It transcends the conventional means of data collection, such as relying solely on APIs or existing data repositories. Instead, it empowers analysts to conduct persistent, targeted real-time data collection. This is achieved through unique data collection techniques that are not only secure but also tailor-made to fit specific mission objectives.

Imagine a world where data from the surface, deep, and dark web can be seamlessly correlated and compared. With Fivecast, this is a reality. It enables intelligence teams to paint a comprehensive and detailed portrait of online activities. By digging deeper into these varied data sources, relationships and insights emerge that are invisible when relying on a single source of information. This approach accelerates the discovery of profound insights about investigation targets.

But collection is just the beginning. The true prowess of open-source intelligence lies in analysis, and this is where AI and machine learning come into play. Fivecast doesn’t just gather data; it applies sophisticated AI and ML algorithms to sift through this data. This technology uncovers networks, detects risks in multimedia data sources, and identifies shifts in sentiment and emotion. The result? Actionable insights that are crucial for decision-making.

Fivecast’s innovation doesn’t stop there. It offers a customizable, AI-driven risk assessment framework. This framework complements the expertise of skilled analysts, enabling them to quickly identify threats hidden in the deluge of unstructured multimedia data. Whether it’s text, images, or videos, Fivecast monitors and interprets it all.

Q & A With Dr. Brenton Cooper

SOFREP has recently had the honor of having an exclusive question-and-answer session with Dr. Brenton Cooper, Fivecast CEO and Co-Founder. What follows are the results of that session.

SOFREP: Could you share the story behind the founding of Fivecast and what inspired you to focus on data analytics in the defense and intelligence sector?

Dr. Cooper: Reflecting our rich intelligence heritage, Fivecast was purpose-built to address the highest priority use cases in the defense, national security, and law enforcement markets. Founded in 2017, Fivecast was born from a unique collaboration between government agencies and world-leading research institutions to tackle big data challenges for national security. We have since continued to develop and refine solutions that help protect our global communities with funding from national security agencies, including almost $9M from the U.S. Department of Defense. The inspiration behind Fivecast was to deploy the latest technology innovations to help our customers enable a safer world, and that remains our mission today. Fivecast is a global company with our headquarters in Australia, part of the Five Eyes alliance, and an established and growing base in Washington, D.C.  Our global customers include some of the largest & most important government and corporate organizations in the world and are serviced out of our offices in Australia, the US, and the UK.

SOFREP: How does Fivecast’s technology stand out in the crowded field of data analytics and intelligence solutions?

Dr. Cooper: Unlike others, Fivecast ONYX was developed specifically to meet the intelligence requirements of defense, law enforcement, and national security professionals.

Fivecast deploys a unique and proprietary data collection technology that provides superior data access across the surface, deep, and dark web, which, combined with AI-enabled analytics, delivers unmatched insights across all corners of the online world and the ability to quickly zero in on risky data to help analyst teams progress investigations faster and achieve their missions.

Fivecast OSINT solutions monitor, filter, and interpret a range of multimedia data, including image, text, and video, to detect phrases, quotes, and logos and use artificial intelligence to learn and increase its capabilities over time. A unique risk detection framework, advanced network identification capabilities, and sentiment and emotion detection combine to deliver an unmatched ability to predict and prevent threats across complex digital landscapes. Data from the surface, deep, and dark web can be compared and correlated to uncover critical insights not discoverable by other means.

It is a completely scalable solution with the power to seamlessly and rapidly increase the vision of your targets without needing more skilled staff to carry the load.

SOFREP: Can you discuss any recent technological advancements or innovations that Fivecast has developed?

Dr. Cooper: Recently, we launched a new solution to the market called Fivecast MATRIX, an automated, high throughput solution delivering a framework for the security vetting application and continuous evaluation process using publicly available content. Many organizations and government agencies are struggling with the challenges of increased threats from geo-political tensions, societal unrest, and extremism combined with the exponential growth of online data. Fivecast MATRIX helps customers address these challenges with a framework to automate, streamline, and operationalize online risk assessments. Fivecast MATRIX combines the power of broad and deep open-source data collection with AI-enabled risk analytics in an intuitive solution that provides a framework for conducting large-scale assessments with the speed and insights needed to protect global communities.

SOFREP: How does Fivecast ensure the accuracy and reliability of its intelligence analysis?

Dr. Cooper: At Fivecast, we are very aware of the sensitive investigation analysis that our law enforcement, national security and defense customers undertake in their mission to protect communities. It is essential to reduce operational risk and ensure the privacy of innocent citizens and the security of intelligence teams is maintained at all times. Fivecast solutions respond to the scale of publicly available information, protect sources & methods, provide accurate & consistent results & assist customers with compliance requirements.

To that end, we have developed our solutions around the guiding principles of data privacy, auditing and reporting, security and compliance, and ethical AI.

Fivecast – The Future of Open-Source Intelligence

To conclude, the value of Fivecast lies in its ability to filter out the irrelevant ‘white noise’ from masses of online data, spotlighting the most crucial insights to advance investigations. Moreover, its risk detector configuration can be tailored to a wide array of intelligence use cases, ensuring that it meets the diverse needs of its users.

In essence, Fivecast isn’t just an OSINT tool; it’s a revolution in the realm of open-source intelligence, redefining how data is collected, analyzed, and utilized to unearth hidden narratives in the digital world.

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