There have been doctors and nurses across the globe who have been issuing fake covid certificates to patients who will pay. Humans I’ve spoken to, including our Editors, tell me the going price used to be USD 1000 but has now dropped to just a few hundred dollars since I last scoured the web for prices.

It seems many people know about this. I will be talking about the dangers of these fake covid certificates and the different ways in which you can protect yourself from them.

The Purpose Of A Covid Certificate

A covid certificate is a document that is usually issued by the government when a person provides proof they’ve been vaccinated or have recovered from COVID.

The purpose of these certificates is to allow freedom of movement, from airplane travel to visiting crowded public places, like a movie theatre, restaurant, or shopping mall.

U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Candy Taylor, 633rd Medical Group medical technician, prepares a COVID-19 Vaccination appointment card at Joint Base Langley Eustis, Virginia, Jan. 8, 2021. (Ericha Fitzgerald, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

Many of these certificates can be created on a computer or a mobile device. However, to fake it, doctors and nurses are throwing away vaccines and entering patient information into the system for these “patients” to have a record of being vaccinated.

Why do people do this?

Doctors and health care professionals may be sympathetic to people getting around government mandates but let’s be honest. It’s turned into a source of income for many, including the mandatory tests required to travel by air. But the driving motivation is probably greed exploiting public fears about the vaccine.

People are wary of the vaccines currently available. This may be due to ever-changing government messaging about the effectiveness of the vaccines coupled with misinformation about vaccines on the internet.

Having A Forged Vaccination Card Could Put You In Jail

First and foremost, a fake COVID vaccination certificate is illegal. There are already some states, like New York, where they passed legislation to make using fake COVID-19 vaccination cards a felony. Even if there are no specific laws regarding fake COVID vaccination cards, it is a federal crime to use or sell forged vaccine cards that have the seal of federal agencies like the CDC. The vaccine cards have two federal seals on them. One is from the CDC and one from HHS. Forging either is a violation that could carry you a fine and jail term of up to five years in prison.

Recently, three people were charged in Suffolk county New York in a scheme that netted them a whopping $1.5 million dollars handing out forged COVID vaccination cards at $220 for an adult and $85 for children.  Two of the three people charged were nurses, one of whom is married to a police detective.

The largest danger in this situation may be that forged cards undermine public confidence in who is carrying a real one and is actually vaccinated.

How To Make Sure The Vaccine Card You Have Is Not Fake

The sure way to ensure that you don’t have a fake COVID vaccine certificate is to get your vaccine at official vaccination sites. Getting your vaccine at the official sites will guarantee that you’ll be getting a valid vaccination card.

If you’re already vaccinated and have your card with you, you can check its validity at your state’s vaccination card verification system. Examples of these are California’s Digital COVID-19 Vaccination Record, New York’s the Excelsior Pass, and Illinois’ the Vax Verify System. Check with your local state on how you can check your vaccination card’s validity.

New York’s Excelsior Pass. (

And, of course, do not entertain or tolerate those who are selling fake covid vaccination cards. Not only are they illegal and can give you serious legal penalties, but they will surely cost you a hefty sum of money. Here’s something to think about: the government is providing you a “free vaccine,” but getting a fake vaccination card is definitely not free.


There are still many Americans who don’t want to get the vaccine or are thinking twice about getting the COVID vaccine. If the government wants to ensure more will get vaccinated, it all comes down to incentives. If governments increase penalties for health care providers and individuals participating in falsifying records, this would likely limit the expansion of the current black market of ghost vaccines that people use to obtain a valid government-issued certificate.

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However, there’s also the issue of enforcement being relatively light. Government leaders also want to show larger numbers of vaccinated, so there is a built-in lack of incentive to enforce and punish.  So far the government is only punishing those who peddle the fake cards and not those in possession of them, but that could change quickly.

But, the biggest issue at hand is the freedom to choose.

Your thoughts?

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